Sales Plus

Leverage Agile Sales Teams And Channels

Common Challenges

Lack of effective tools that quickly allow to:

Understand market ecosystems, pains and needs. 

Ramp up with the brand's offerings.

Help craft opportunity management strategies.

Anticipate up and cross-selling opportunities.

Increase selling capabilities.

Improve overall customer experience.

Information-savvy Customers Now Expect Sales Reps To Be Intuitive, Knowledgeable, Fast And Personal

Helping Your Sales Teams And

Channels With The Right Tools

Give them what they need:

Allow them to effectively know your brand's products.

Help them better understand your industry and market.

Assist them in getting competitive insight.

Provide them with mechanisms to better position your offerings.

Help them improve customer experience.

Allow them become more agile.

Top Sales Teams and Channels Turn to Tech and Training

Sales Plus

What's it?

A mobile-first digital toolset, custom built and focused on helping your sales reps and channels. Every tool helps your team with a specific challenge or need. They can access your Sales Plus Assets from your website, CMS, LMS, email and other private content repositories.

What's in it?

A very basic Sales Plus might include a few key components such as: Process-Flow or Catalog. A more robust setup might also include: Sales Toolbox, Guided-View, e-Courses and more. All programs include monitoring dashboards.

What you can do

With a Sales Plus you can start building a digital toolset to help improve sales teams effectiveness. It provides you with the ability to better understand your sales teams through monitoring dashboards. Your sales reps and channels enjoy a better experience through fast, interactive and engaging digital tools they can use on any device.

Transform Your Ideas Into Digital Assets That Work For Your Sales Teams and Channels


We help you design more rewarding customer experiences through valuable tools.

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