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Better help your audience by monitoring how they use your valuable tools.
We are thrilled to help our clients with their business transformation initiatives where content mechanisms are delivered to improve customer experience and overall communication with stakeholders.

Who is æBIGMARK?

We are a service company focused on digital transformation support. We build and deliver valuable and measurable digital products and tools for our clients’ audiences: leads, prospects, customers and sales teams.

What is iTVMotion?

iTVMotion is a digital service aimed at helping brands in their digital transformation journey through the delivery of educational and transactional digital assets for their audiences. If helping your customers to have a better experience is a key business goal, then iTVMotion can help. We help you build the products and tools they need to further engage with your company.

Why you should start building your content platform

Your leads, prospects and customers want to learn and be delighted with valuable and useful content from your company. Having a well-designed set of educational components centralized on a platform is of immense help for all your business transformation initiatives. You might have a platform already, such as your CMS, LMS, website or social media. If that’s the case, you will only need to focus on creating the magic: Educational and Transactional assets.

How can you improve customer experience?

The very first step is to understand that your customers want more from your company. They have needs and challenges that you can help with by providing useful and valuable digital assets through educational tools. How It Works.

Why knowing about your leads and prospects is important

The more you know about your leads and prospects the more value and help you will be able to provide them with in fulfilling their needs. This will inevitably help build trust; which is the base of a long-term relationship. You achieve this by delivering useful digital tools. Leads and prospects who use a brand’s educational tools are more likely to do business with that brand.

What can you do to better understand your customers?

Be in contact with them. Helping them by providing valuable advice and education will give you many opportunities to better understand what their pains, needs and challenges are. With a consistent delivery of valuable educational digital tools, you build credibility and trust, but most importantly you start receiving information on their preferences and behaviour; which will give you more insight on how to better help them. Additionally, it will help you create more digital assets and map them to every stage of your customers lifecycles. Customers who use a brand’s educational tools are more likely to continue doing business with that brand.

Why you need digital tools for your leads, prospects and customers

When it comes to increasing trust and credibility as well as driving profitable action; delivering educational experiences should be a key component of your business transformation plan. Digital tools become your #1 assets to achieve these important objectives.

What if you have some ideas for your audience you want to implement?

We love to hear about our clients’ transformation initiatives. We facilitate things for your ideas to turn into digital tools that your audience enjoy.


We help you design more rewarding customer experiences through valuable tools.

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