Your Audience Intent

Understand Your Audience's Objective

Do you know your audience’s intentions when looking for or consuming your content?

Your audience is looking for information and help; which is the normal behavior. They are not ready for a transactional action. They want to learn and be informed in a useful and engaging way before making additional steps towards an eventual transaction.

Are you creating content with focus on informational intent, transactional intent or both?

When your audience finds and consumes your content, they have basically one of these two purposes:

They want to learn, be informed, understand concepts and best practices. They are looking for help. Here they are looking for a credible information source and a comfortable level of trust.

Or, they want to know more on top of what they know already. They want to know if your brand is the right one for their purchasing intentions.


When you deliver informational-intent content you are helping your audience get the insight they need. It is the content that convinces, not that converts – yet. It is the content that your audience uses to start solving issues or challenges. The one that builds trust and credibility.

Understanding your audience’s intentions helps your brand build more relevant content and realistic performance expectations


When your audience receives and consume transactional-intent content about your brand, is because there are good convincing arguments from the informational-intent content they want to validate and leverage to help make the right decision. They are ready to convert.

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